VoMor is transforming the hair extension category for AVEDA salons by taking an approach that ensures inventory on hand, and enables you not only to meet your guests’ needs but to truly make an impact on your business.

Our system is designed to maximize extension opportunities as an add-on service, replacing the old thinking of consulting with the guest, securing a deposit, ordering the hair and re-scheduling her service for 1-2 weeks out. When you stock the hair, and learn to apply the extensions during an average 15-minute per box window, this can be recommended as a, “let’s do it today” service, after identifying your ideal guest.


While hair extensions are often thought of in the context of celebrities and “mermaid hair,” VoMor focuses on what we call the “One-Box Transformation.” This is a true game changer in how extensions are thought of, marketed, and recommended. With a single box of hair, you can change your guest’s life! It is not about long hair, but about full hair, hair with volume. 10% of your salon guests will become valued VoMor users – these are the girls next door, the soccer moms, the professionals who just want to wake up with the thick hair they always dreamed of. The before and after images speak volumes (no pun intended)!


The following back-bar products are available to assist in the application and removal of the extensions, as well as help your guest implement the optimal at-home care:

  • Boost tape

  • 4 oz. VoMor Remover

  • 4 oz. VoMor Cleanup

  • 4 oz. VoMor Enhancer

  • Canvas aftercare bags containing a detangling brush, a comb, and after care instructions