Develop hair extensions as a new domain, a true business model, enabling your guests to take advantage of this new service the same way they take advantage of a glossing treatment.

Never have to face an extension appointment cancellation again because the guest changed her mind in between the time of the recommendation and the time that the hair you had to order came in.

Build excitement among both stylists and guests given the visual impact the cart makes in your salon.

Cart Dimensions
31” high
18” wide
14” deep


This is a solution that benefits everyone: the salon, the stylist, and the guest.


Benefits to the salon

  • One more solution for their guest

  • Additional revenue stream

  • Getting non-busy stylists to build their books


Benefits to the stylist

  • Additional revenue

  • Positive impact on benchmarks

  • Extension guest is the most likely to pre-book, refer other guests, and invest in recommended retail

  • Increased loyalty of clients

  • Fashion-forward image


Benefits to the customer

  • Confidence and well-being