Why Tape In

Help your guests experience fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair in just 15 minutes!

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Why Hand Tied

Finally a safe way to give your guests Longer, Stronger, Healthier-Looking Hair with VoMor® Hand Tied Wefts

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About VoMor® Hair

VoMor® Tape In and Hand Tied extensions are made for guests experiencing fine, thin, or thinning hair wishing for thicker, fuller or longer stronger hair.

VoMor® hair extensions are exclusively made with Cuticle-Intact Remy hair. Cuticle-Intact Remy hair is superior because the natural cuticle runs in the same direction and maintains the hair’s integrity.

VoMor® offers 40+ colors across Hand Tied and Tape In wefts, many of which are: multidimensional, complimentary tonal pairings, colored for root shading and ombre for ease of color matching.

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Tape In and Hand Tied Swatches

VoMor® is offered in 40+ colors, many of which include: multidimension, complimentary tonal pairings, root shading and ombre for ease of color matching.

* = VoMor® Top 15 Colors

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Hair Care

Caring for your VoMor® hair

  • Shampoo & Conditioning

    To maintain healthy hair and extensions, detangle your hair prior to shampooing. Then, gently shampoo in an even, downward motion. It is important to use a color safe and non moisturizing shampoo. All Aveda prep style and finish products should be applied away from where the extensions attach to the natural hair.

    If you received Tape In extensions, wait 48 hours before shampooing and conditioning your hair.

  • Wet Hair/Drying

    When drying your hair, gently towel-blot your hair and scalp to prevent extensions from tangling. Use a detangling brush for combing through your hair, and be sure to hold your scalp to support the extension bonds. When blow-drying your hair, start from the root and work your way to the end. (Use your fingers to separate extensions rather than a brush.) You can start styling your hair when it is about 70% dry.

  • Sleeping

    Prior to going to sleep, gently detangle hair with your fingers followed by a detangling brush. Then, loosely braid your hair and secure it with a hair tie.

  • Outdoor Activity/Swimming

    We highly suggest using Aveda Sun Care products for UVA/UVB protection on your hair for any and all outdoor activity. If you wish to go swimming secure your hair in a style that will last until you can rinse with fresh water.

The Cart

With the purchase of certain packages, salons receive the VoMor® Cart. Our Cart allows you to store VoMor® Hand Tied, Tape In, and even Lash extensions. On hand inventory enables you to offer a 15-minute Tape In hair thickening service in the moment.

Cart Dimensions

31” High
18” Wide
14” Deep

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