Custom Coloring VoMor®

Custom Coloring VoMor®


We recommend using no higher than a 20 Volume developer on VoMor®, due to the original processing of the hair.

When formulating a toner/deposit-only color, keep in mind that the color level and/or tone can grab stronger with the hair being more porous.

You must consider that coloring human hair on a live person is different from coloring a human hair extension system. The hair is in a more fragile, porous state due to preparation processing. It is also collected from many sources, and can lift and deposit color differently from one system to the next.


Be sure the hair is sectioned and ready for application prior to mixing color.

Be sure to evenly saturate each section you are working on, keeping in mind the ends of the hair can be more porous than the rest.

When working with 100% hand-tied hair systems, be sure to color right up to the base, and not to oversaturate the base material. The monofilament material will not accept color, but may briefly stain, so apply carefully.


Be sure to check the color as it is processing to gauge full processing time. This will vary from the color manufacturer’s processing times due to different porosity levels in the hair, as well as color formulation.

Take a section with color and gently wipe color away with a clean, damp towel. If longer processing is desired, reapply color to the section and continue processing time.

When desired results are achieved, rinse the hair in cool water until the water runs clear.

Shampoo with an alcohol-free shampoo and condition mid to end.