VoMor Invisible Tape In Panels

VoMor Invisible Tape In Panels

We are always looking for more solutions for more of our guests. Often, the guests with the finest hair could benefit from VoMor Tape In the most, yet we are forced to turn them away because of the visibility of the extensions.

With our Invisible Panels not only is there hair attached to the bottom of the panel (like our traditional panels) but there is hair injected into the panel all the way to the top. This does two things. First, it masks any shine we may see on our traditional panels (which sometimes makes them more noticeable as they reflect light). Second, the injected hairs make it look as though the extensions are growing right out of the scalp!

This technology comes in all lengths (12", 16" 20") and in the following colors:

O7N/12N (Ombre)

Invisible panels come with 6 panels per box and are best paired with a piece of single sided tape for optimal coverage.

Think about the times when you are completing a hybrid application on a guest and need to sneak a tape in panel nice and close to the hairline to connect the short natural hair around the face to the new hand tied length you have created. Invisible panels are a game changer in this situation.

We all know how important it is to stay current with new technologies and techniques in our industry and this product is really changing up the Tape In extensions game!