Does marketing really work?

Does marketing really work?

There are several physical and digital ways that you can promote that your salon carries VoMor®.

Here are a few:

1. Use free VoMor® social content available to all of our salons. 
Free Hair Social ContentFree Lash Social Content 

2. Create and post your own social content, including before and afters, side by sides, final results, applying extensions, and more.

3. List that you carry VoMor® on your website. Be sure to state which hair and/or lash services you provide.

4. Share VoMor® centric imagery on your website as well in case guests haven't viewed your social accounts.

5. Make your VoMor® cart visible to guests as they enter your salon. This can increase curiosity and questions.

6. If any of your stylists wear VoMor® hair or lash extensions, use them as examples of how the final product can look.

7. Listen to your guests' concerns so you can better suggest VoMor® lashes for big events or vacations as well as tape in extensions for guests with thinning hair.